About us

Because it's not "just" hair - That's what we stand for wholeheartedly

We know how negatively hair loss can affect your well-being. That is why we want to give all those affected a positive attitude to life through full hair and give you back the joy of looking good.

It all started with hair loss

Our founders of Elithair and even Dr Balwi once suffered from hair loss, until hair transplantation changed everything.

We realised that something crucial was missing and set out to revolutionise treatment with a first-class service and methods we had researched ourselves. But that was not enough for us.

As our highest priority is always your perfect result, we couldn't allow you to simply have to resort to conventional products after the treatment, which in no way meet the special needs of the reclaimed hair.

Because hair is our passion...

we therefore developed a sophisticated care that also reliably supports you in the perfect aftercare. Dr. Balwi began to do his own research and created a unique combination of active ingredients that cannot be found in any drugstore.

Today, Elithair is the European market leader for hair transplants and has helped over 100,000 happy patients achieve full hair. So trust only Dr. Balwi when it comes to your precious hair.

Only the best for your hair: Our product promise

Silicones, parabens and other softeners do not go into our bottles! Instead, we use a wide range of carefully selected ingredients, with a special focus on naturalness. All products are precisely tailored to the special requirements for hair loss and strengthen your hair from the roots to the tips.

In addition to numerous vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients, we have added 3 active ingredients to our products that have a clinically proven effect on your hair.

Procapil™, AnaGain™ and plant stem cells from a rare Swiss apple variety form a high-quality combination that vitalises your hair and effectively prevents further hair loss. Our products not only intensively care for your hair, but also support growth for a fantastically thick result.