High quality care against hair loss

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Dr. Balwi Hair Boost Set

The 3 month all-round stress free package with everything your hair needs to grow.
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Shampoo & Spray Set

The strong duo for healthy hair with a high quantity of beneficial biotin.
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Dr Balwi Mesotherapy Set

Maximum Hair Growth - Your key to strong, healthy hair, without compromise. Give your hair the best!
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Efficient hair care: uncomplicated and ideal for your everyday life.

Healthy, Strong Hair

Our products promote healthy and strong hair that gives confidence.

Natural Ingredients

We use carefully selected natural ingredients for maximum effectiveness.

Easy to use

Our products are user-friendly and fit effortlessly into your daily care routine.

Dr Balwi Hair Shampoo

The invigorating cleanser with Procapil™ to protect against renewed hair loss.
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Dr. Balwi Biotin & Keratin Tablets

The high-quality vitamin mix for a well-groomed and all-around thick beard.
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Dr Balwi Hair Serum

The highly concentrated vitamin complex serves as leave-in care for great volume.
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I use the products of Dr. Balwi now for almost 3 months! I am absolutely satisfied and will probably first no other shampoo more use.


I am firmly convinced that the products have actively contributed to the fact that mine have become significantly firmer and denser.


What started as a test is now a permanent part of my hair care routine! Have experimented a lot, but the products are currently my favorite.


Am happy to continue to pay the price, for years I tortured my hair with cheap shampoos and cures, but I will not repeat safe. The products have their price, but it's worth it.

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