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Dr. Balwi Hair Boost Set

The ultimate, best selling set for your hair. Get Dr Balwi's support now in the fight against your hair loss. Improving your hair strength for a healthy-looking finish, so you can feel confident again. .
Delivered within 4-8 days

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Shampoo & Hair Serum

Get this best selling set against your hair loss now, developed to reinforce the hair fibre. The Dr Balwi set has been developed exactly for people like you. .
Delivered within 4-8 days

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Biotin & keratin capsules

You can protect the only hair you still have left. With Dr Balwi's biotin products you can strengthen your hair roots from within, before it is too late.
Delivered within 4-8 days

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Hair Serum

Nourish your hair with our enriched leave-in hair serum. The highly concentrated serum by Dr Balwi creates healthy hair roots and thicker hair.
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What do all of our hair protecting products have in common?

  • Not tested on animals

  • Gluten free

  • Paraben free

1. Effectively combats hair loss

Advanced technology meets luxury hair care in a highly nourishing and revitalising new formula. The full product range has been carefully designed to offer a complete approach to hair loss care.

2. Biotin power

An essential component of healthy hair growth. Biotin nourishes hair from the root and restores the integral strength of the hair structure. When used daily, hair looks thicker, shinier and overall healthier.

3. Strengthens the hair from the root

The condition of your hair roots determine the health of your hair and subsequently the strength. Our hair loss products are engineered to promote the growth of nourished hair and provide every strand with improved resistance.

Our products

Dr. Balwi Hair Boost Set

This has never happened before: Our brand-new care set with all the active ingredients you need to effectively combat hair loss! Our 3 month set was specially designed by Dr. Balwi put together so that people with hair loss are 100% on the safe side. For the first time, we exclusively provide you with all the necessary product components for ideal hair care.

Our first-class all-rounder consists of::

  • 3x Spray
  • 3x Shampoo
  • 3x Food supplements
  • 5x Mesotherapy serum
  • 1x Derma roller
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Dr. Balwi Shampoo & Hair Serum Set

Benefit from this unbeatable duo! We have put together a set especially for your needs, which contains both the shampoo and spray to fight against hair loss. The shampoo gently cleanses the hair, while the hair serum locks in vital proteins and moisture to enhance shine and strengthen the strands.

The bundle consists of:

  • 1x Hair Serum - 60ml
  • 1x Shampoo - 150ml
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A gentle hair cleanser that protects the hair against damage and rebuilds the strands with the biotin-rich formula.

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Hair Serum

The intensive, luxurious ingredients of the hair serum support the growth of new hair and strengthen the integral structure of each strand. .

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Biotin & Keratin capsules

Our biotin & keratin capsules ensure that the hair roots are strengthened and supplied with the vital ingredients.

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Effective microneedling - Use the dermaroller in combination with our meso serum for optimal results.

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Dr. Balwi Hairbrush

With the new hairbrush by Dr Balwi, there is no tension while brushing, as the gentle bristles provide a pleasant feeling on the scalp.

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Beard Serum

In today's world, a full beard is a sign of masculinity - that's why we have developed a highly concentrated serum to help you fight thinning beards.

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Aloe Vera

The Dr Balwi Aloe Vera Gel is a real all-rounder for hair, face and body. With 98% pure aloe vera, it moisturises the hair, soothes irritated or itchy scalp and provides the hair roots with vital nutrients.

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Black Cumin Oil

This ancient secret from the Orient is now coming to your home! Cold-pressed black cumin oil is rich in beneficial vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

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Bewertungen unserer Kunden

Produkt: Aloe Vera 98%

Good product, price-performance ratio really fantastic. Thank you

Shampoo & Spray Set

After my hair transplant, I was looking for a shampoo that would support my new hair with the right active ingredients. So far, everything is perfect! My new hair is growing exactly as I imagined.

Manoj Kumar Arekapudi
Dr. Balwi Hair Boost Set

When I started using the Dr Balwi hair boost set, my hair growth really increased and I saw the results faster than I expected.

I am very happy with the product and highly recommend it.