Dr Balwi Dermaroller
Dr Balwi Dermaroller
Dr Balwi Dermaroller
Dr Balwi Dermaroller

Dr Balwi Dermaroller

The effective microneedling tool at home to stimulate hair growth
Circulation and regeneration processes are stimulated
Improved nutrient supply to the hair roots
Makes subsequently applied care products more effective
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About the product

Beautiful and strong hair thanks to microneedling

The derma roller reliably supports you on the way to your full head of hair. So that you never have to look for hair loss, but just beam with confidence. Just one application every 10 days gives you an incomparably luscious head of hair.

The 1mm small needles cause micro-injuries in the skin, which stimulates the natural collagen production of the cells. Blood circulation is also increased, which leads to an improved supply of nutrients to the hair follicles. Not only will your hair become stronger, but it will also be able to grow back perfectly dense.

Our tip: After treatment with the Dermaroller, use another care product, such as Dr. Balwi Meso Serum, Dr. Balwi Hair Serum or the Black Cumin Oil. The nutrients can thus penetrate even better to the hair roots and the results can be enjoyed more intensively.


Best used after washing your hair so that the scalp is free of deposits. Disinfect the derma roller and your hands. Roll over your scalp in this pattern:

  • 6-10x horizontally
  • 6-10x vertically
  • 4-6x diagonally
  • Stop in between

You can use the derma roller on its own or apply a serum afterwards, massage in and do not rinse out.

We recommend application every 10 days.



  • Nickel-free thanks to titanium design, for those with allergies
  • 1mm needle length perfect for scalp
  • Very effective thanks to 540 needles

  • Special complementary serums in the range


  • Stainless steel always with nickel, unsuitable for those with allergies
  • Risk of inflammation if needles are too long
  • Often fewer needles
  • Often only offered individually

Über 100.000 Patienten vertrauen Dr. Balwi wenn es um Ihre Haare geht.