Premium Black Seed Oil
Premium Black Seed Oil
Premium Black Seed Oil
Premium Black Seed Oil
Premium Black Seed Oil

Premium Black Seed Oil

The 100% natural vitamin complex that makes your hair shine
Strengthens the hair structure and makes the hair noticeably thicker
Soothing and nourishing care for a healthy feeling scalp
Moisturises the hair and gives it a wonderful shine
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About the product

Strengthen your hair with the long-established Eastern remedy

A large number of our patients swear by it: The completely natural oil from Egyptian black cumin seeds provides your hair with exactly the right nutrients to reduce hair loss.

Valuable amino acids, minerals and a complex of A, B and C vitamins penetrate deep into the hair structure and make the hair noticeably thicker. Black seed oil also nourishes your scalp and has a soothing effect.

In daily styling, it is perfect to use as a moisturising finish to add shine. This esteemed oil makes your full hair look stunning and allows you to look in the mirror and smile.


Massage 1-2 drops into hair and scalp daily or as desired. If you use a larger amount of the oil, you can leave it on as a treatment overnight and wash your hair as usual the next day.

Our tip: For even more moisture while washing your hair, mix a drop of the oil into your shampoo! In addition, the black cumin oil is also suitable as a skin care product.



  • 100% pure black cumin
  • Gently cold-pressed to preserve nutrients
  • Strengthens hair from the root & makes it thicker
  • Contains no silicone oil


  • Often mixed with other inferior oils
  • Mostly refined oils with fewer nutrients
  • Usually only provides superficial shine and moisture
  • Silicone oil often present in high amounts
100% natural black cumin oil

Over 100,000 patients trust Dr. Balwi when it comes to your hair.